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a little birdie told me

I had never been a huge fan of bone marrow in general until I tried [their] creative concoctions. They have savory and sweet options and are always coming up with new flavor concepts for the seasons!

Jeana | Glendale, California

I was seriously so blown away! The bone marrow is probably better than what you get in the restaurant. 

Kimberly | San Francisco, California

Okay so this was by far the best thing I've eaten in a long time and I love to eat! I was SO happy when I was eating this.

Amira | Eugene, OR

The Golden Marrow takes "delicious" to a whole other level. The satisfying bite of soft, delectable marrow melts in your mouth with an explosion of flavor.

Gigi | South Pasadena, California

Friendly service, GOOD quality food, freshness and mouthwatering goodness... What else can you ask for in a meal?  

Tori | Redwood City, California

Food lottery cha-chingaling-kappa! Dis group of folks be doing everythang dey can to blow yo minds.

Binra | Fairfax, Virgina

The chefs and owners of the shop were so friendly and informative. You could tell this was their passion and they were just as excited for us to try their food as we were!

Vicky | Hayward, California

I'm a huge fan of anything bone marrow, but these peeps really took it to the next level with their creativities and commitment to delivering the best to their customers.

Jackie | Litchfield Park, Arizona

We ordered the Strawberry Shortcake Bone Marrow, and from their reputation I knew it was going to be delicious- but I didn't think it was going to be THAT DELICIOUS.

Austin | Daly City, California